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FAQ's for Richard D Bartlett Land Surveying in Concord, NH

Q: Why is Richard D. Bartlett & Associates the firm I should use for land survey services?
A. We have been providing the community with quality services since 1973, and our services include everything from boundary surveys and hazmat surveys to septic design and construction layout. We're conveniently located in Concord, and we serve the entire state. We're also licensed and certified to provide all land surveying services to our clients.
Q: How much will your services cost?
A. Each project and service request is unique. Please contact our office for more information about our services so we can provide you with a customized estimate tailored specifically to you.
Q: Is your firm fully insured?
A: Yes, we carry a full liability insurance policy for errors and omissions.
Q: Are you qualified to provide survey services on a property with hazardous materials?
A: Yes, we have OSHA-certified surveyors on staff who can provide hazmat surveys.
Q: Can you help me with a boundary dispute I am having with a neighbor?
A: Yes, we can provide boundary services to clarify where the boundaries are on your property. If your matter escalates, we can provide court testimony.
Q: I need help with the installation of a new septic system. Do you have services for this?
A: Our licensed septic designer can design a system that is configured specifically for your lot.
Q: Do you offer services that can help me to subdivide my lot?
A: Yes, we can walk you through the entire permitting process and can work with the various local, state and federal authorities to help you achieve your goals.
Q: I want to develop my land. Can you help me determine how feasible my ideas are?
A: Yes, we can provide you with more information on the boundaries, design layout and more through our various services, and this can be used later if your project progresses to the architectural design and engineering stage.