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Established in 1973, RICHARD D. BARTLETT & ASSOCIATES, LLC is a leading land surveying firm in the industry. Our repertoire includes services ranging from single family septic designs to construction layout of multi-million dollar facilities. We play an integral part in the planning and permitting processes by assisting clients and guiding them through the local, state, and federal government agency application and approval requirements.
As projects develop, productive liaisons that the firm has developed with a number of consulting engineers, architects, and other professionals, whose expertise complements our own technical proficiency may be called upon. Through enlightened management decisions we help to provide efficient and accurate support of client assignments, whether they are large or small RICHARD D. BARTLETT & ASSOCIATES, LLC also provides coordination and management of many contractors and vendors to assure completion of various project phases. Through this in-depth involvement we have been able to support a number of successful developments over the years.

We are the current surveyor of record for the City of Concord and have been for 15 consecutive years.